Thursday, September 22, 2011

Different Variations of Dodgeball/Relay Races can happen!

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I have read through the PE hall of shame and understand the side of the argument that believes games such as dodgeball,relay races and others should be completely eliminated from physical education classes. Although they might have a good case and point, I however, disagree with them and believe that we Physical Educators can make different, more beneficial versions of these games. For example, in games such as dodgeball you can make rules like if someone gets hit in the head, the person who threw the ball is automatically out. This will eliminate people being hit in the head and losing self-esteem. That rule along with making different line changes so that people will not being throwing so close when trying to get others out can help the safety of games such as dodgeball. These different safety changes should not only be made in dodgeball though because there are safety issues in ALL sports, as well as self-esteem problems. Every child will not feel like they enjoy every game and there will always be someone who probably will not want to participate. Another way that you can make students involved is having relay races that involves everyone and no one is sitting out. This can be done by having a continuous relay race or different variations like that. Again I agree that dodgeball can cause children to lose self-esteem and that is not right, but I believe we can find ways that this can be reduced as well as keeping everyone involved by simply changing the rules and regulations. Overall I believe that this topic of eliminating such games can be reviewed more and looked into without totally eliminating classic games that a lot of young kids enjoy to play and have fun while also gaining benefits while participating.

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